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Adsense PIN verification and Payment options in India

New Bloggers who have started using Adsense are in lot of confusions because staying on Adsense is not so easy. most of the spam Adsense accounts are created in India, Pakistan hence Sometimes a ethical account is banned. I have received various of questions by our online readers weather Adsense pays through Check, Local bank transfer or EFT. Let me answer all your questions in this post.

First of all when you sign up on Google Adsense as a publisher and you have earned minimum of $10 (rs.500) Google will initiate the process to verify your Address by sending you a Letter (PIN) most commonly known as “Adsense PIN Verification Letter†That letter is sent you via local post and it should arrive on your Address between 2 to 4 weeks. your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is written on that letter, you will need to enter the same PIN on your Adsense dashboard to Verify your Address and this will enable your payments.

Adsense PIN Verification
New Bloggers and webmaster at initial stage have lot of questions related to signup , Account approval, account ban, payment methods, etc. these all information can be gained from Official Adsense Help center. Adsense PIN verification is a process to verify your address so you can receive you’re Checks and it should not be misused by any other person. On this traditional system Google sends you a physical letter at your Address mentioned in Adsense account this letter has your PIN and You will need to enter the same PIN on Adsense payment dashboard in order to enable your payments.

Google Initiates the PIN Verification letter request once you have reached minimum of $10 on your Adsense account. if you are living in India then the letter should arrive to your address in 20 days (It is being sent via India Post)

Google have different payment options in different counties, For US and UK they support Western Union and EFT (electronic funds transfer) but in India there is only one traditionally payment method â€check†new unknown sources have reported Adsense will also come with EFT as a payment method in India and this will be a very good news for All Adsense publishers as Check takes lot of time for arrival and also many days to get clear.

In India (march 2013) Adsense offers payment through Check and they convert your earning to INR from USD using the highest conversion rate. You need to reach minimum of $100 USD in a month to receive a Check. if you earnings are low tan 100$ then your funds will be carried to next month.

Before Creating your Account on Google Adsense keep the following things on your Mind.

While filling the form make sure your all details are accurate (Name address)
The name you have entered should match the name in your bank account as the same name will appear on your Adsense Check
Google will send you a PIN verification letter to your address, This is mandatory step which confirms your address so you can receive checks.
Adsense will implement Telephonic Spport for all Adsense Publisher’s. this feature is currently in beta testing
make sure you follow Adsense terms and conditions so your account will not get Ban without any reason

Google Adsense Payment in India

AdSense publishers in India will receive standard delivery checks mailed via the local courier service Blue Dart for no additional charge. if your area is covered by Bluedart then you will receive checks within 10 days. but iif you are staying in remote areas or out of bluedart service areas then your Check will be sent via Local registered post and it could take approx 15 days to arrive from mailing date.

If your check is already issued you can use Bluedart tracking to keep eye on your check status. the bluedart waybill number can be found on your Google Adsense payment page.​



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