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How to Put AdSense Ads on a Blogger Blog

How to Put AdSense Ads on a Blogger Blog
As you may know, AdSense ads generate revenue for the blog owner. Also, aside from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ one of the most constant sources of information and communication networks on the net are the Blogs. Having a popular blog increases your chances of generating income with AdSense ads.

Log in to your Blogger dashboard. You will see your blog list(All the blog you have created)

Choose with a click a blog where you want to add AdSense Ads

There is a left side bar, one of the options is “Earnings” click it

Click on the option “Sign Up for Google” – Follow the steps they show.

After your account is approved, go back to your blogger dashboard and click the option “Layout” that is after “Earnings”

According to your layout you will see the options “Add a Gadget” – Click it

A window will popup, scroll down till you find “AdSense”, click it

In the last step all you need to do is configure your Adsense Ads: Chose the color, size and then Save it. You are all done.


Refresh your blog to see your AdSense Ads

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