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AdSense mobile Page-level ads now available to all publishers

Google has rolled out two new ad types for mobile AdSense publishers. Grouped under what Google calls Page-level ads, Anchor and Vignette ads are now available to all publishers.

To get these going, publishers place one piece of code on all the pages that will display ads.

The first version of AdSense Anchor ads — also called overlays ads — launched in 2013, though they have evolved quite a bit from that first version. The ads are anchored to the edge of the user’s screen, but they can be dismissed.

Vignette ads, like intersitials, are full-screen ads. Unlike traditional interstitial ads, though, Vignettes display when a user leaves rather than arrives on a page. These ads will only show a limited number of times per user.

Ads in both formats will not count toward the three-ads-per-page limit and will only serve on mobile-optimized web pages displaying on smartphones. Google says Anchor and Vignette ads are just the first of many Page-level ad formats to come.

For more details and instructions on how to get started, see the AdSense video on Page-level ads below.



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