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Affiliate Marketing Tips for YouTubers: How to Make More Money on YouTube

Would it be great if you can make some money, sometimes huge money, through what you’ve created on YouTube? Well, as most of YouTubers may know, allowing ads displayed before or in the video will bring you some earnings – we call it CPM (cost per thousand impressions). But that fact is, you can’t expect to make lots of money from ad impressions in the video. The real money comes from affiliate references in YouTube video. So, how to make videos to earn commissions on YouTube? Now keep reading and you’ll find out useful tips to help you make more money on YouTube.
First and foremost, choose your YouTube video topics. Of course you can upload any kinds of videos you’d like to. But below are two video types of high conversion which may help you promote your affiliate products efficiently:
1) How-to videos: You can make whatever you are good at or passionate for. Remember that people come to your video tutorial with hope to solve their real problems. So, try your best to make your How-to videos clear and helpful.
2) Review videos: You can make a video review on the product you’re marketing, share your personal experience and try to be objective. Keep in mind to make your conclusion natural and sincere.
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Second, make your videos more affiliate-friendly. Place an affiliate link both in the text description and in the video itself. When a viewer clicks the link and purchases it in a period, you earn commissions from your vendor. Note that the affiliate link can be a product introduction URL, a downloadable URL, or simply the home page of the vendor. Don’t forget to embed your affiliate ID.
Third, build your audience and get more subscribers. It is key to make money through your YouTube videos, as you need them to watch then purchase through your affiliate links. There’s no secret but to upload the best content – helpful, interesting, and of high quality. One more tip is to keep interactive with your audience by responding to comments, which will surely increase your popularity.
Fourth, market your YouTube video. Uploading your video to YouTube is not the termination. You can still start a blog for blog marketing, make a website or submit the video to other video or social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pintest, etc.). The more views it may get, the more likely it can help you make more money.
Fifth, optimize your YouTube searches – become a YouTube Partner. You may not know clearly how the YouTube video ranking works, but it is acknowledged that YouTube gives preference to its partners. So, study YouTube Partner Program and try to become a partner. It will enable you to access more promotional tools and resources, help your videos rank higher in searches, and naturally, increase your affiliate sales continuously.

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