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How Google AdSense Pays in India

It is true that AdSense is a plug-and-play advertising network, but it is important that you  learn all you can about it so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity it presents, making a lot of money as opposed to pennies.

This is a question from Adithya:

“Can you tell me how AdSense Pays in India? Do they pay by cheque or through local bank transfer or EFT”?

AdSense Payment in India:

AdSense has different payment options for different countries. They support EFT transfer, Cheque facility and pay by Western Union Quick Cash. Especially in countries like India and Pakistan, getting an AdSense account is not as easy as it is in countries like the U.S., U.K. and Australia. This is mostly due to issues of spam and fake AdSense accounts in India.

In India, at the time of the writing of this post (June 2014), AdSense offers payment via Cheque and EFT, and they convert your earnings into INR and then make the payment. Usually, the AdSense USD to INR conversion rate is high, so you might not find this to be an issue. However, an AdSense cheque takes time to reach India (10-15 days), and it takes another few days for clearance.

The AdSense team is increasing payment options in many countries, and they have already added EFT payment for Indian publishers.

You can follow this guide to configuring electronic fund transfers for your Adsense account.

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If you are a new AdSense user, here are few things which you should keep in mind:

While signing up, make sure all details are accurate (name, address, etc.)
Your name should be the same as  the name on your bank account. The name on your AdSense cheque will be the same as your account name.
AdSense will send a PIN number to you at the address you used when signing up. This works as an address verification too, prior to making a payment.
With AdSense EFT payment, you can receive payment to another payee name as well.
AdSense will soon add telephone support for all AdSense publishers. This system is already in beta testing at the time of the writing of this post, (June, 2014).
You can also refer to the official guide to read more about AdSense payment policies.
You can update your payment preference until the 20th of a given month.
You can also put a minimum payment threshold for your payment, and it should be greater than $100.
You can read an excerpt from the official AdSense India payment page below:

AdSense publishers in India will receive standard delivery checks mailed via the local courier service Blue Dart for no additional charge. Checks mailed by Blue Dart should arrive within 10-30 days of the check date. Blue Dart is not able to service all areas throughout India. If you live in a location, they don’t service, your check will be sent by Registered Post and should reach you within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.

If the cheque is already issued, you can use Bluedart tracking to keep an eye on your cheque status. If you have not received your AdSense cheque within 60 days of the issue, you can use this form to request a re-issue of the cheque.

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I hope this post has answered your questions regarding AdSense India payments. If you still have any further questions, feel free to ask me via comments.



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