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understand your ADSENSE earnings AND estimated EARNINGS?

The reports in your AdSense account are intended to give you close estimates of the current activity in your account. However, these reports do not represent your finalized earnings. Many factors can affect the amount that is ultimately paid to you. Once earnings are finalized, they are posted to your “Payment history” page. Where appropriate and possible, any revenue found to be from invalid clicks or impressions is refunded back to the affected advertisers. If your account is disabled for invalid activity, then you won’t be able to receive payment and, where appropriate and possible, we’ll refund the revenue in the account to affected advertisers.

On the Home page of your account, we show the following information:

Estimated earnings: close estimates of your recent account activity from today, yesterday, this month so far, and last month
Finalized earnings: this section displays two levels of earnings:
“Current balance”, which is the current balance of your earnings that have not yet been paid out. This balance may not reflect the total amount of payment you receive. Google may make adjustments to the amount, including for rounding discrepancies, any invalid activity that needs to be adjusted from your earnings, or other month-end credits as necessary.
“Most recent payment”, which will reflect the payment you last received.
We may make adjustments to your estimated or finalized earnings to account for invalid impressions or clicks, which means that we may remove earnings from your payable balance. Invalid activity may be caused by issues with traffic sources or ad implementation. We recommend that you review the beginner’s guide and tips for preventing invalid activity for more information.

We reserve the right to adjust a publisher’s earnings in the case that an advertiser who advertised on their site defaults on payment.

To maintain the integrity of our invalid activity detection system and prevent users from circumventing the system, we aren’t able to provide details about how much was adjusted per day or per channel. Please know that we have these invalid activity protections in place to keep our network of AdSense sites a safe and useful environment for advertisers, publishers, and users.



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