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Facebook Offer: Smart Way To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

Facebook Offer: Smart Way To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

Have you used Facebook offer feature yet? This feature is useful for companies, brands, bloggers & online marketers.

In this guide, you will learn how to make most out of Facebook offer feature. How This feature will help E-commerce companies to offer special discount coupons and offers to their fans and customers. Here is the complete guide and information related to creating an offer on your Fan page and how you can use this to make money from Facebook pages.

How to create a Facebook offer for your Fans?

Like you create a new status update. Similarly, you will be creating a new Facebook offer for your Fans. Go to Fan page you admin and click on Offer, Event+ and select offer from the drop down options.

You can easily select online only offer and use your affiliate link and a discount coupon to offer something useful for your fans. Believe it or not, people like discount and offers which are hard to resist.

So, let’s say if you are promoting an offer from your company or any other company that you are affiliated with. You can simply add your affiliate link and add the coupon code.

Here is an example:

If the affiliate program which you are using doesn’t offer any coupon code or you embed coupon code directly into a link, you can skip the coupon part. For example, I can directly offer following the link, which offers $50 off without any coupon code on Dreamhost.

Click on next and now the creative part comes in, you need to add a catchy offer headline in 90 characters along with an image. Make sure to use an image which can bring maximum interaction and use clickable offer lines.



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