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blogging: Top 5 techniques for monetizing your blog

Blogging is an excellent way of sharing your views and passion about any topic. Incidentally, it is also a wonderful means of making money online. A common misconception is that bloggers in India cannot make substantial income via blogging alone. However this is not the case. There are many leading Indian bloggers who are making lakhs of rupees from blogging. So if you have a blog and have not monetized it yet, now is the time to act!

Here’s a list of five evergreen tactics that you can use on your blog to monetize it.

  1. Advertising Networks

This is the simplest method of monetization; making it a good stepping stone for those looking to monetize their blog for the first time. Therefore, it also is most commonly used blog monetization method. It is extensively used across the world and is quite popular in India, too.

How this works: You display ads on your blog – when your viewers click on these ads, you earn a commission from the advertiser.

How to implement this onyour Blog:

  1. Choose the Ad network you want to work with. AdSense (owned by Google) is by far the favorite network amongst bloggers as well as advertisers. There are other options like BidVertiser, Infolinks,
  1. Apply to become a publisher on the Ad network of your choice. Application will require your payment details (details of the account where you would like to receive the commission payout) amongst other things, so keep this information handy.
  2. Once your application is accepted, the Ad network will send you a confirmatory mail regarding the same.
  3. Once confirmed you will be provided with Ad codes that you need to place on your blog – at the locations where you want to display the E.g. you may want to display ads between text sections or in the sidebar, etc.
  4. Once you have placed the codes correctly, you are good to go. Your Ad network will start displaying ads at your specified location within a couple of hours.
  5. Your job now is complete. Now it is up to your readers to view/click on the ads and earn you some moolah through your blog……


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